Finanspol Company with Limited Liability

Finanspol Company with Limited Liability with the company registered office in Warsaw was established in 1992 and entered The Commercial Register of District Court in Warsaw, XVI Economic and Registration Division in section B under number 3196. The company was registered in the National Court Register on 28.09.2001 and was assigned the number 000002282. Our company has auditor's certificate and is registered on the list of business entities entitled to auditing the financial statements under the registered number 2620. Since 1994 we have been co-operating with western auditor's companies in the range of accounting services. 80% of our clients are companies with foreign capital. The equity of our company estimates 50.000 PLZ and is provided in 100% by the national shareholders.


Our primary concern is:

Our primary concern is professional and comprehensive service for other entities in the range of accounting and taxes. Providing the service for companies of different kind e.g. (limited companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnership, foundations etc.), we gained enormous experience and we devised own methods of cooperation with our clients. We provide attentive assistance for our clients to be served by our experienced professionals, deeply engage in solving various accounting and tax problems.

We employ highly qualified staff who has the certyficates of auditors, and also the rights for keeping the accounts. The prove of our high qualifications is the satisfaction of our clients and long-time cooperation with them. What is more, the request for our professional services provided by us is increasing continuously.


Our staff consists of employees

Our staff consists of employees divided into accounting teams and administrative personnel. Each accounting team has a necessary knowledge to independent providing of accounting and taxes in the comprehensive scope. Our employees are the persons with the university education. All of them are reliable, conscientious, and of a great professional knowledge.

In the nearest future

In the nearest future, we intend to enlarge our team and engage employees entitled to keeping the accounting. In 2008 we put into practice a new accounting system which enable our clients to use information online. The system let them both for recording data and for using them to draw up various type of specifications and analysis depending on conferred power. We plan to wide spread of using the above mentioned system among our clients, mainly in the range of making up the reports and analysis.

At present we put into practice the system of organization of our office. It will enable better organization of work inside the company and it will make the contact and communication with clients easier. It will give them the possibility of checking the progress of work we perform.

Model Law Firm

Model Office is the copyright program serving to mark up the office in which constantly increasing the standards of rendered services of tax consultancy has resulted in the reaching a very high level of services and full professionalism in management of the office. Each office which has applied to the Program Model Office has to prove using the defined procedures from the range of provided services, rendering the services or internal office organization in practice, effectively put in the system of work and using it for the security of the office and its clients. The Winner of program receives the title of The Model Office that includes the year of receiving the award and has the right to use the title in the informative and promotional materials about the office. The program is all-Poland range.

Contact Us

FINANSPOL Limited Company
Audit and Tax Consultants Office

Żurawia 32, 00-515 Warszawa

phone no. 502 206 626

phone no. 501 733 214

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