We offer the comprehensive audit's services:

● audit of financial statements

● interim audits

● controlling legers and buget settlements managed by client's accountants

● revision of accuracy of client's accounts managed by third parties

● audit of converting plans

● performing winding up and bankruptcy proceedings

● revision of the financial statements


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Model Law Firm

Model Office is the copyright program serving to mark up the office in which constantly increasing the standards of rendered services of tax consultancy has resulted in the reaching a very high level of services and full professionalism in management of the office. Each office which has applied to the Program Model Office has to prove using the defined procedures from the range of provided services, rendering the services or internal office organization in practice, effectively put in the system of work and using it for the security of the office and its clients. The Winner of program receives the title of The Model Office that includes the year of receiving the award and has the right to use the title in the informative and promotional materials about the office. The program is all-Poland range.

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FINANSPOL Limited Company
Audit and Tax Consultants Office

Żurawia 32, 00-515 Warszawa

phone no. 502 206 626

phone no. 501 733 214


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